Email Marketing: A Small Business Must-Have!

 If you own a small business, you know how important it is to get a leg up on the bigger businesses whenever you can. Webster Digital Marketing is a small business that works for small businesses, so we know firsthand the challenges small businesses face. That’s why we recommend email

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How Having (or not having) an SSL Certificate Impacts SEO

New Algorithm to Why Your Website Keeps Getting Outperformed Having a good position on Google is what makes your website stand out above all the others. As of January 2018, there were over 1.3 billion websites, so it’s pretty important to try and stand out above the competition. That’s why companies like

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Getting Great Reviews are Easy with our NEW Service!

A New Review Building Service from Webster Digital Marketing The range of the types of customers a business sees on any given day is eclectic. There’s the quiet customer type, who never says much but always pays on time or leaves a good tip, to the overly excited ones that

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Expand Your Email List with LinkedIn

Add Hundreds of Contacts to Your Email List Quickly Many business owners I meet don’t have a lot of email contacts on their list. If this is you, my first piece of advice is to start collecting email address for all your customers and prospects NOW. An email list is a

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3 Exciting New Features for AdWords

Use AdWords Mobile Features to Take Your Account to the Next Level In May of 2015, Google announced that mobile searches now outnumber desktop searches. Since that time, Google has been steadily working to improve the mobile search experience. They have rolled out quite a few changes to how search

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Improve Your Website with Skimmable Content

Take a look at the pages of your website – are they a “wall of text”? In other words, do the pages have just paragraph after paragraph of content that all looks the same? If so, you’ll get a more impactful website, and one more likely to be read, by

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Add Your Local Business to Facebook’s Services Directory

This new service from Facebook may help customers find you. Facebook has recently rolled out a new feature called “Services”. This is a directory of local businesses who provide a particular service. Some are calling this a stealth project to beat out Yelp as it lets consumers find the most

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You May Lose Up to 50% of Traffic Because of Google Starting Today

If you’re site isn’t mobile friendly expect to see a huge drop in organic (not paid) search engine traffic starting today. Google announced last month that they were going to start penalizing organic search engine rankings for sites which are not mobile friendly. This makes a lot of sense considering that

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Comparison of Landing Page Creation Sites

I make a lot of landing pages for my clients (read more about why landing pages are important here). Most of my clients have at least 2 and some have as many as 8 or 10 and I am constantly creating new pages to track the effectiveness of various pay-per-click

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9 Features of Great Online Stores

Since more than 80% of the online population has used the internet to buy something (and more than 50% have shopped online more than once), you probably have all experienced at least one online store in your life. Was the experience a pleasant one? I was shopping online for tea recently. I

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