We’ve been privileged to design and redesign several websites since Webster Digital Marketing, Inc. was founded in 2014. In addition to the Webster Digital Marketing website, here are some other websites we’ve created. All our websites are mobile responsive (so they look good on any size screen) and SEO friendly. See more about our website design services here.

Chastain Otis Insurance (2020)

This insurance company started blogging and doing internet marketing through email, social media, and SEO and needed a new website to make the best use of those marketing efforts. In addition, they have a newsletter signup form that puts new subscribers right into Constant Contact for them.

Michigan Smarthome Technologies (2020)

Not only did we redesign the website for Michigan Smarthome, we also wrote all the content for the new site! Working from marketing materials for the products they sell, we were able to create a variety of pages of content for them.

LibertyCon (2020)

LibertyCon is a non-profit Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Chattanooga, TN. This very complex website was updated to give a better and more attractive user experience. We also thought it would be fun to add a countdown timer until the convention to add a sense of excitement to the site.

Cinderella's Formal Gown Rentals (2020)

The website for Cinderella's didn't accurately reflect their current product line any more. We were able to create a site with several image galleries to give visitors a better idea of the dresses they would find in the store.

Houston Remodeling Services (2019)

Houston Remodeling Services had a website that was only one page. It didn’t have very much information about the services they offer and it wasn’t ranking very well on search engines. As part of an overall marketing program, we provided a website redesign, including writing all the content for the new site.

Chante Massage and Wellness (2018)

Angie of Chante Massage was paying way too much for monthly website hosting. And to make matters worse, she wasn’t able to update the content of their website herself. Her new website includes all the changes she had wanted for a long time but looks very similar to her previous website. She is saving almost $50 per month on website hosting, too!

David Riley Law (2018)

An experienced family lawyer in Omaha, David Riley had never had a website that he really liked. The sites he had in the past all had a lot of scales of justice and generic law images he didn’t feel represented his image. We worked with him to create a site to represent his take on family law. We even designed his logo!

Big Red's Guaranteed Clean (2017)

Big Red’s had a website that could not be updated easily by the owner or any of his employees. Our new website made updating easier, along with allowing him to track conversions from Google AdWords.

Thermal Energy Management (2017)

Thermal Energy Management had started a website but was never able to get it finished. We started over again and not only designed the website but also wrote all the content for the site. The customer researched competitor websites and had a great idea of what he wanted. We brought his idea to life.

Nebraska Yard Care (2016)

For Nebraska Yard Care, we created a website that is not only suited to blogging but allows them to show a portfolio of their work. This website is very simple, but it is also effective, marketing friendly, search-engine friendly, mobile friendly, and user friendly.

Nebraska Knit and Crochet Guild (2015)

This non-profit organization needed a website that would allow them to list classes and events for its members. Later, they added the ability to accept payments for classes and events online. In addition, they have a newsletter signup form which puts new subscribers automatically into MailChimp.