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Grow Your Business with the Power of Testimonials

5 Minute Read 82% of consumers read reviews before deciding to buy.  Not only that, but the average consumer spends 13 minutes reading reviews before making any decisions, according to BrightLocal. In the digital age where videos over 2 minutes are considered “long”, this is a lot of time.  Consumers

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Is Your Marketing Agency Helping or Hurting Your SEO?

A lot of businesses look toward a marketing agency to take their company to the next level. Particularly, we find that more small businesses seek a marketing agency because they don’t have anyone on their team with the skill or the time to do marketing on their own. However, smaller

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Using Google My Business Posts to Boost Your SEO

4 Minute Read Every minute of any given day, Google receives 3.8 million searches. By now, we’re all aware of the power Google holds. It’s how people find where to eat, what doctor to see, where to travel, and even how to cross-stitch. That’s why when you are considering your

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Why Use WordPress? 6 Reasons Why We Love WordPress CMS

So, you’re trying to decide which content management system (CMS) to use for your website? You’ve come to the right place! If you’ve done a Google search, you’ve probably been bombarded by the large number of CMS saying they are the best platform to use. Honestly, the number of choices

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Why Start a Blog for your Business? (3 BIG Benefits of Blogging)

If you are scrolling the internet, it is almost impossible to avoid—almost everyone has a blog these days. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? It’s one thing if a friend is sharing a favorite recipe or if your neighbor likes to write about gardening tips, usually those are

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How Having (or not having) an SSL Certificate Impacts SEO

New Algorithm to Why Your Website Keeps Getting Outperformed Having a good position on Google is what makes your website stand out above all the others. As of January 2018, there were over 1.3 billion websites, so it’s pretty important to try and stand out above the competition. That’s why companies like

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You May Lose Up to 50% of Traffic Because of Google Starting Today

If you’re site isn’t mobile friendly expect to see a huge drop in organic (not paid) search engine traffic starting today. Google announced last month that they were going to start penalizing organic search engine rankings for sites which are not mobile friendly. This makes a lot of sense considering that

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