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Get More Traffic to Your Website

This isn’t Field of Dreams — just building a website isn’t enough to make customers come. You have to get a good position on Google, and you won’t stay there without work.Search Engine Optimization content creation is effective

  • Show up higher in search results. Get listed ahead of your competition.
  • Get listed on the map. Google Maps is the most-used smartphone app in the world!
  • Turn your site into a customer acquisition tool, not just a marketing brochure.
  • Get detailed reporting of your search engine positioning over time on Google and Bing.

The most common mistake that small businesses make is to build a website, but never update it. The longer you go without updating your site, the further it falls in search engine rankings. Google assumes that your content is not as relevant when it is old. Enter search engine optimization.

Webster Digital Marketing helps you get better search engine positioning in several ways:

  1. Making regular changes to your website by adding a call to action, updating images, rearranging content, and adding links between pages of content.
  2. Adding content to your site every month in the form of blog/newsletter content. This content can then also be used for social media marketing and email marketing. And by posting your content on social media regularly, you can help increase your search engine position.
  3. Ensuring all your website pages are listed with Google using Google Webmaster Tools.
  4. Updating your search engine information regularly, including page title and descriptions. These are parts of your pages that are hidden from the average user, but which Google relies on for search listings. We keep the information relevant and up to date so Google sees that your content is changing and growing instead of staying stagnant.
  5. Researching keywords to use on your website so you know what to target for the best impact on your website.
  6. Reporting on your progress each month with detailed reports showing how your keywords are improving in search position over time.

Our services are priced to be affordable to small businesses and have proven to be very effective. The first consultation is free!

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