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Grow Your Business with the Power of Testimonials

5 Minute Read 82% of consumers read reviews before deciding to buy.  Not only that, but the average consumer spends 13 minutes reading reviews before making any decisions, according to BrightLocal. In the digital age where videos over 2 minutes are considered “long”, this is a lot of time.  Consumers

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Build Customer Trust by Increasing Reviews

4 Minute Read Myth: Online reviews aren’t vital. Fact: Receiving positive reviews should be an integral part of your digital marketing. Some businesses think that their business is doing fine so reviews can’t be that important. Others don’t know how to ask or are too busy to do so. The

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Getting Great Reviews are Easy with our NEW Service!

A New Review Building Service from Webster Digital Marketing The range of the types of customers a business sees on any given day is eclectic. There’s the quiet customer type, who never says much but always pays on time or leaves a good tip, to the overly excited ones that

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