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Comparison of Landing Page Creation Sites

I make a lot of landing pages for my clients (read more about why landing pages are important here). Most of my clients have at least 2 and some have as many as 8 or 10 and I am constantly creating new pages to track the effectiveness of various pay-per-click

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When and How to Use A/B Testing

A/B Testing is one of the most powerful tools in an Internet Marketer’s toolbox. It can really help a business see more leads coming in with less spent on advertising. It is one of the tools that separates the really effective marketers from those who are not. Think of a

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10 Offline Ways to Promote Your Online Business

Although there are lots of great ways to drive traffic to your social media sites and website on line, there are also a lot of great offline ways you can drive this traffic.  This means you can promote your online business for no additional costs and reap big benefits. I

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Landing Pages: 2 Reasons to Build & 5 Ways to Make Them Great

A landing page is a targeted page of a website created for a specific marketing purpose. A well-crafted landing page can really have a lot of benefits for internet marketing: 1 Landing pages make marketing easier to track Whether you are doing offline marketing like a mailing or online marketing

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