10 Offline Ways to Promote Your Online Business

Although there are lots of great ways to drive traffic to your social media sites and website on line, there are also a lot of great offline ways you can drive this traffic.  This means you can promote your online business for no additional costs and reap big benefits. I highly recommend that all businesses take advantage of these easy promotional tips.

For these tips, I talk about your domain name (or website address) because I usually like to make my website my main portal to all my other online properties. You go to my site, you can get to everything else very easily. Check out Minimum Requirements for Marketing Your Web Site to see how to get your site up to snuff and ready to be this main portal. However, I’d like to note that you don’t have to have a site or use it as your main portal. You can use Facebook or LinkedIn or even Google My Business instead.

  1. Add your domain name to your business cards. Seriously. I made this number one for a reason. If you have room, you might consider adding other social media profile addresses (like Facebook.com/WebsterDigital). I added these to the back of my business card.
  2. Add your domain name to any printed materials you create like letterhead, invoices, proposals, return address labels, brochures, postcards, etc.
  3. Add your domain name to any mailings you do. Ideally, I would suggest that you have a landing page in this case, rather than your main domain for tracking purposes.
  4. Promote your online business with a QR codeConsider a QR code for any marketing materials you produce – especially brochures and mailings. People can scan the code using a bar code scanner on any smart phone (available to them for free) and the QR code will can send them to a website address (your site or social media profile as in my example), a digital business card, or a variety of other services like wifi login or calendar event. There are a variety of websites which will help you create a QR code. I like http://www.qrstuff.com – you can get the code for free, but if you want to have tracking and reporting on your code (to know how many people scanned it) you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Check out their site to see other cool things you can do with a QR code.
  5. Add your domain name to your building sign when you have a new one created.
  6. Put your domain name on ad specialties. There’s probably room under your logo on that mug for your domain name.
  7. If you create a Press Release, include a domain name. Often this is shown right after the company name in parenthesis.
  8. Tell people your domain name in your voice mail and on your hold music/recording.
  9. If you have company vehicles with signs, be sure to add your domain name to those signs.
  10. This one isn’t technically offline, but add your domain name (and social media profile addresses) to your email signature. You can make these a link to the page in most email clients.

Do you have other ideas for offline ways to promote your online business? If so, share them in the comments below.

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