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Getting Started with GoDaddy Hosting

If we are creating a website for you on GoDaddy (or moving one to GoDaddy), these are the steps to get your hosting set up properly.

  1. If you don’t already have one, create an account on GoDaddy.com. If you do have one, log in. Note: if you want us to complete the entire process of purchasing your hosting for you, add a payment method to GoDaddy at this time.
    • On GoDaddy.com (after you have logged in) click on your name at the top right of the screen.
    • Click Renewals and Billing.
    • Click on the tab for Payment Methods.
    • Follow the instructions to add a payment method to your account.
  2. Grant us access to the account by following these instructions (opens in new window).
  3. Let us know if you have granted us access. Do NOT add anything to your shopping cart or make any purchases. We will handle that for you. This is to be sure you purchase the correct hosting product for your needs. At this time, please also let us know the following:
    • If you don’t want 3 years of hosting at this time (see #4 below).
    • For a long time, GoDaddy has been offering a free domain name with the purchase of hosting. By default, we will find a domain name as close to your business name as possible. If you want something else for your domain name, let us know.
    • If you want us to complete the entire order process for you or if you want to look at the shopping cart and complete the purchase yourself. We’ve had difficulty sometimes with customers not seeing the items we’ve put in their cart. So, the option to have us complete everything is the easiest for you.
  4. We will go into your account and put the items you need in your shopping cart. By default, we will sign you up for 3 years of hosting (which will give you the best monthly price). Be aware that GoDaddy will not issues refunds for hosting. They will, however, move your credits to another product. So if you don’t want 3 years of hosting, let us know.
  5. We will either complete the purchase for you or contact you with instructions for you to complete the purchase yourself.
  6. That’s it. Your hosting is set up!

Here is a template you can use to let us know you’ve given us access & answer the needed questions. Just copy and paste it into your email program. Then fill in the bold parts with your answers.

I have completed the process to grant you access to my GoDaddy account.
Is it OK to purchase 3 years of hosting? (Y or N)
Is it OK to find a domain name as close as possible to my existing domain name/company name? (Y or N)
Should we complete the purchase for you? (Y or N)


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