Wanted: Marketing Analyst

Would you like the ability to work from home with a completely flexible schedule? Are you looking for a place to learn how to apply and expand on the online marketing skills you have learned? Webster Digital Marketing, Inc. may be just the place for you!

Founded in 2014 by Annastasia Webster, Webster Digital Marketing, Inc. helps businesses find customers online. We strive to provide ethical, results-driven marketing services to help our customers find customers online. Our goal is to treat every customer’s business as if it were our own. That means that we take the success or failure of our customers’ businesses very personally.

We believe in:

  • Continuous Improvement– We want to improve and innovate constantly. Our marketers should always be learning more about how to provide marketing solutions for our customers.
  • Rolling Up Sleeves– No matter your level in the organization, you’re willing to dive in head-first to get work done and support the team. No one is above lending a hand to achieve success.
  • Transparency– We believe in being honest with our clients and with ourselves in order to become the best people, co-workers, and advisors to our clients that we can be.
  • Ethical Business Practices – We place great importance on engaging in ethical business practices. Learn more about this on our website.
  • Creativity– Our clients rely on our ability to be creative, to think “outside of the box”, and to deliver winning solutions.
  • Craftsmanship– Our work is our art and we want to apply attention to detail, pride, and the highest quality behind every client account and company project we work on.

Our Marketers get to work from home and have a completely flexible schedule. Each Marketer sets her or his own working hours and determines the number of billable hours she or he wants to be responsible for each month.  This flexibility helps each Marketer have a healthy work-life balance.

Skills Needed:

  • Excellent Communication Skills – The ability to communicate verbally and in writing is critical. The ideal applicant will have a good understanding of grammar and spelling and be able to write well about a variety of topics.
  • Computer Skills – The ideal applicant will be able to use email, social media, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel and should be comfortable using a Windows computer.
  • A Cell Phone and Internet Connection – Applicants needs to have a cell phone to use for occasional work calls as well as a reliable internet connection.
  • Customer Service – Experience working with customers to provide the very best customer service.
  • Website Design – The ideal candidate will have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Organization Skills – Keeping track of a wide variety of customers and their monthly marketing needs is very important.

Skills Desired:

In addition to the required skills above, applicants with experience in one or more of the following areas are preferred. However, training is available to the right candidate in any of these skills.

  • General Marketing Knowledge –general marketing concepts such as ROI, conversions, and sales funnels.
  • Search Engine Optimization – understanding of how search engines chose which business to display and how to improve a business’ position in search results.
  • Pay-per-Click Advertising – creating and managing pay-per-click campaigns on Google, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn as well as a general understanding of PPC concepts.
  • Google Analytics – a basic understanding of how Google Analytics works and how to find the data needed to support or reject your marketing tests and trouble-shoot marketing problems.
  • WordPress – experience creating new content and editing existing content on WordPress.

Job Duties:

As a Marketing Analyst, you will handle the more analytical (as opposed to creative) side of online marketing. You will be responsible for meeting the monthly marketing needs of our clients. In addition, you will occasionally perform one-time project work. Your duties will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a constantly-changing skill. You will need to keep up with SEO trends, research keywords for new clients, perform monthly on-page search engine optimization, and report on our progress. Learn from the work you have done and improve your skills in SEO constantly. This will be the bulk of the work you perform.
  • Google AdWords Management – Set up AdWords for new customers and manage AdWords accounts for customers. Testing and measuring is a big part of AdWords management, as well as learning from the advertising data and making changes to improve the ROI of the account.
  • Website Design – Occasional website design projects.

Download this job description in PDF format here.

Interested candidates, please send a resume and a sample of your business writing to info@websterdigitalmarketing.com.

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